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Free Facebook Page Template

I don't know about you but it really ticks me off when I want to find information on how to do something and then can't find it. That is how it was when trying to find a way to customize my facebook page. You can see it here

I came up with this template because I wanted an easy way to add cool features to my Facebook Page and I wanted to be in complete control of the code. I did not want someone else hosting my content for me and only giving me a limited number of choices of how I could design a given tab.

It took hours of work and testing to refine this simple yet very effective template that even a technical novice will be able to use.

Here are some of the benefits of my template.

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Here is one example of what you can do!

Facebook Page Template Example

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What others have said about my template

Facebook Page Template ExampleI was looking for a long time for a good solution.'s template was easy to use and customize for exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Betti in Colorado Springs, CO

Facebook Page Template ExampleThe template was easy to use and install. The training videos were a great help and walked me through step by step. Thanks!

Inayet in Denver, CO

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